Christine Kupferschmied's Biography

Christine Kupferschmied

Psychoanalyst SGPsa (Swiss Society of Psychoanalysis)

University graduate, psychotherapist ASP, SBAP
(recognized as a psychotherapist at Swiss federal level)

Phone 031 381 74 84


Education and memberships

Licence ès Lettres à l’Université de Berne

  • Graduate of the University of Berne
  • Associated Member of SGPsa / IPA
  • Psychotherapist ASP, SBAP (recommended by santésuisse as a healthcare provider for the complementary health insurances)
  • Psychotherapist recognized at the Swiss federal level (according to the laws about psychological professions PsyG)
  • Member of “Psychanalyse am Werk” (PAW).


Current activity

  • Psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in private practice in Berne

Work experience

  • Psychotherapist in a group practice with Dr Isabelle Duss and Dr Jürg Oehninger in Berne (2001-2015)
  • Clinical psychology at the psychiatric ambulatory of Olten (Psychiatry services of Solothurn)
  • Clinical psychology at the centre for psychiatry of Biel (Psychiatry services of Bienne-Seeland-Jura Bernois SPJBB)
  • Education as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the Psychanalytic Seminar in Bern (PSB)
  • Lecturer in psychology at the conservatory of music in Neuchâtel and at the Swiss society for musical pedagogy (SSPM)

Work languages

  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Education and profession prior to training in psychotherapy

  • Studies in French language and literature (“half-license” in modern French) at the University of Neuchâtel
  • Education as a professional musician (piano and organ)
  • Music teacher (piano and organ)

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